In recent years, for the first time ever, two Timorese runners successfully qualified for the 2012 London Olympics: Augusto Ramos and Juventina Napoleao. Their achievement is testimony to the dedication and focus in reaching the biggest race of their lives. Both participated in the half marathon in the Dili Marathon, their last competitive race before London later this year. All of the National Squad are a wonderful example to their fellow Timorese: young or old, man, boy, woman or girl.


These living, positive examples are proof that “Ita mos bele” (lit. ‘we can too’ ), which is one of the Dili Marathon’s key messages.


The fourth international marathon will see a continued increase in numbers for the Run for Peace fun run and with a bigger prize pool a shift in elite runners participation. A key output of this program will see Timor-Leste’s runners also continue to represent their nation at major international races such as the New York Marathon, the Singapore Marathon and the Tokyo Marathon.